Featured Tin Shingle, Jill Frechtman


Jill Frechtman, pretzel designer and founder of FretzelsYou may not know what a Fretzel is, but one bite and you'll never forget! Trust us! Fretzels by pretzel designer Jill Frechtman are hand-dipped gourmet chocolate-covered pretzels like you've never seen or tasted before. These sweet treats are drenched in milk, white, and dark chocolate and adorned with toppings like mini M&Ms®, mini chocolate-chips, and toffee. Fretzels assortments are available in half-dozen, one-dozen, and two-dozen boxes, as well as seasonal specialty holiday gift boxes and baskets.

Fretzels make great client & cooperate gifts, as they are delicious, special, and Fretzels takes care of the shipping and note writing for you! Contact them today to place your order before the New Year.

  Fretzels by Jill