Featured Tin Shingle, Jenifer Caplan of Footzyrolls


You may have seen Jenifer and Sarah Caplan's Footzyrolls in a boutique, Macy's or Bloomies near you, in a hot little container, ready to put your feet to rest after a day in heels. Beyonce, Blake Lively, Catherine Zeta Jones, and more celebs have treated their feet to these delightful little rollups. Oprah also dubbed them one of her favorite items, and appeared on her Gift List in 2009. The press coverage is impressive, but more-so is the convenience and style of having a comfortable pair of shoes in your purse or glove compartment that you can grab and go. So prance down that sidewalk on your way to or from an event or day at work - without the dull pain of running in heels! When you reach your destination, put on your party shoes and an extra pep in your step.

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