Featured Tin Shingle, Erin Schiffman


Erin Schiffman Erin Schiffman is the co-founder of Schiffman Creative Inc., a boutique graphic design and creative consulting agency that can help your brand achieve visual excellence without compromising your unique identity. Before starting Schiffman Creative with her business partner and husband, Erin worked at elite companies such as Calvin Klein, Rubenstein Associates, DeVries Public Relations and Lizzie Grubman PR. Erin brings public relations, marketing and creative experience to her role at Schiffman Creative.

Erin was most recently featured in the CRAVE Guide, where she reveals that she started her business with a little savings and zero clients. Her big motivator was wanting more passion and creativity out of her work, which she was not getting in her corporate role. Erin is also inspired by her entrepreneurial family, so it's in her blood!

Schiffman Creative Inc's clients include Nick Chavez, Calvin Klein, SexySmile, Wideload Games, Disney, Scholastic, Kid Galaxy, and many more. Contact them today to see what they can do for your brand.

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