Facebook's Limited Reach, as Pointed Out by @BOOOOOOOM


BOOOOOOOM on Facebook's Limited Reach

Hootsuite, our preferred organizer and manager of our social marketing, started a new series highlighting their users and how they use Hootsuite called #MyDash. They featured Jeff Hamada, founder of BOOOOOOM, an online creative archive community, and a place where Jeff can "give people an excuse to be creative, naive or playful."

In his interview on how he uses Hootsuite to manage his Facebook, Twitter and other social outlets, Jeff makes some great points about how he gets the word out, and where he is surprisingly limited:


Jeff says: "I’m frustrated with Facebook because they limit our voice to our own fans. There are 125,000+ fans on the Booooooom Facebook page and I can only ever reach about 15% of those people with a status update or shared link. That means there are over 100,000 people who don’t see updates from me, people who actually joined because they want to see art in their feed. The only way for me to reach more is to pay Facebook to promote each post. This just isn’t possible for someone like me."

Jeff is also inclined to like Google Hangouts. Google approached him to use and cultivate BOOOOOOOM's Google +, and it paid off. He went from 300 fans to 150,000 in less than a few months.

About Google Hangouts, Jeff says: "The users aren’t as active as they are on Facebook yet, but the potential is huge considering how many people use Gmail or Google products in their daily life."

What about you? Are you using and liking Google Hangouts? And are you liking Google + ?