Entrepreneurs Give Back to Women's Education Project and Shoe4Africa


Right around the time of Black Friday, in the midst of the shopping rush both online and on sidewalks, Tin Shingle made contributions to two charities affiliated with two of our members: Sidney Small for Women's Education Project, and Toby Tanser of Shoe4Africa. We pledge to donate a portion of membership sales to a non-profit affiliated with one of our members, and are grateful to be able to announce these donations to you:

Young women of limited means but unlimited potential come to Women’s Education Project’s centers in South India to pursue college and career dreams. With energy, optimism and fortitude, they attend WEP’s college preparatory and personal development programs. WEP operates two centers in South India, “Sudar” (”light” in Tamil) in Madurai, Tamil Nadu and Ushassu (”light” in Telugu) in a village south of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Students come to these centers on the recommendation of their teachers, local NGOs, and often, their friends.

In her own words, Tin Shingle member, Sidney Small, CPA, is on the board because: "I believe in education as a tool to lift women and their families out of poverty.  WEP helps the women of Southern India from the most poverty stricken backgrounds to get a college education. With a very small budget, this nonprofit has created a community of support for these young women.  I love the work they are doing and I love the energy and enthusiasm of Zoe Timms, the director and founder of WEP."

Zoe Timms has informed us that our donation will help approximately five young women go to college and attend the WEP center in South India. For more information on the Women's Education Project, please click here.
How you can directly impact women of Southern India.

Women's Education Project Students Womens Education Project Students

Shoe4Africa was started in 1995 with the idea to take something easily discard — used running shoes — and give to people, who through circumstance, were unable to afford their own. Founder and Full Time Volunteer, Toby Tanser, recognized a serious health component resulting from being barefoot: Hookworm. He organized a running team for vitamin/mineral deficiency and found that half of the runners tested positive for the HIV virus. Toby's insight and ability to be so in tune with the people he helps is what guides the Shoe4Africa mission into important areas of projects specializing in Education, Women's Empowerment and Peace, and Health. It started with the gift of a few pairs of shoes, and has grown into the completion of several large and small scale projects, from building a primary school to organizing fundraising marathons, and so much more. Currently, Shoe4Africa is fundraising to build the first children's hospital in Sub Saharan Africa.
Here is how you can click for a brick to help build the hospital.

Shoe4Africa runners Shoe4Africa school

Thanks goes to Tin Shingle members, who by joining Tin Shingle, made these donations possible.