Enjoy a Second Cup of Coffee on your Saturday Morning!


Enjoy your Saturday Morning

Photo credit: R. E. Photography
Graphic Treatment: StudioPixelated

Cheers to your second cup of coffee! Saturday mornings are my sacred times of the week where I work my creative outlet in a no-phone-zone from 9-12am. This was pre-kids, and since kids, has been hard to come by. This year, with one baby almost crawling, and my toddler making tea parties for the Sleep Fairy with a vintage plastic plate set I found for her (for $24 for 28 pieces! #score), I'm reclaiming this time.

For you today, I made this little coffee image and shared it with our Facebook fans for any of our small biz friends who are enjoying the same creative space on a Saturday. It also lives in our Pinterest, as do lots of other delicious coffee photos.

Saturdays for me mean making improvements to the website here at Tin Shingle, or designing a new product for my accessories line at Katie James, my first and most beloved passion project, or writing new blog posts for local bog, A Little Beacon Blog. My resolution this year is to get back into check with this creative side on Saturday mornings. So cheers to you, Small Business Hustler. Let's enjoy another cup. ;)