E! News & The Daily 10 - what they want and how to get on


It's time for another installment of pitching tips.  Today we're going to talk about how to get on E!  News and The Daily 10.  Just yesterday we talked to the an amazingly helpful producer from E! who gave us the skinny on what they are really looking for.  Believe me, they know exactly what they want and it's important that no time is wasted on your end or theirs with a bad pitch.  So read up and as always, happy pitching.


Think of E! News as Daily Candy but on television, with a celebrity twist.  Just like our Daily Candy pitch tips this program wants products and experts with a WOW factor.  This means products that are fairly new, not items that have been on the market for years and in every publication known to man. 

These days, E! also prefers that your product is reasonably priced.  Unless they plan on using your product for a special splurge segment or you have a major celebrity attachment or breakthrough story, save the thousand dollar handbags and uber-expensive jewelry for another pitch.

Speaking of celebrity, this is a very useful and almost necessary component of your pitch when reaching out to E! News.  Remember, you're pitching an entertainment and celebrity focused show, so it's important to show that your product or service has a celebrity tie-in, or at least that you can spin it towards a Hollywood trend.  For instance, if you create amazing products for babies or new moms, perhaps you should focus on the Hollywood mommy trend, or include it in a story about actresses who are expecting.  Awards season time?  Talk about red carpet trends or make-up tips that any gal can follow at home.

Finally, when pitching E! News remember that even though it's about celebrity news, it's still a short-lead media outlet that wants stories that are current, relate to what is going on in Hollywood and the world, and they like to know things first that are fresh!  So use the same techniques you use to pitch local or national short lead press when pitching E! 

The Daily 10:

The producers who work with E! News also produce the Daily Ten, and the rules are fairly simple - follow the same rules as E! News pitching, but add a step - you should be able to attach your product or service or event (legitimately) to three well known celebrities.  Here's another pointer - attachment does not mean photos from a celebrity gift suite!  Attachment means: "Uma Thurman bought this for Kate Hudson, Rachel Bilson is wearing this in a photo (that you can supply), Jennifer Hudson goes to this spa on a regular basis", etc.  As always don't lie or stretch the truth - this won't make you any friends, and at the end of the day, you'll still have to prove your celebrity attachment so be careful. 

Final thoughts?

  • Talking to our producer there were a few things beyond the above that she realy wanted to get across:
  • Help her out!  Be the person she knows she can call and immediately get samples, photos, media kits, an expert or more!
  • Don't just sell her the product/service sell her the segment - make it cohesive and informative and in the "E!" format.
  • Ask her how you can help her.  If not through your product, perhaps you can help her fill another segment.  Do that and she'll remember you the next time.
  • Don't pitch her items that you know in your heart of hearts are not a good fit.

Need to see it in action and get a few ideas?  Just flip on the programs and check it out live - or join their live Twitter feed to get the inside scoop!