E-Commerce Promise at Pinterest vs Facebook


Part of an infographic from Steelhouse's Facebook vs Pinterest ecommerce studyIs Pinterest or Facebook better for creating sales and e-commerce activity? Journalist Erika Morphy at TechNewsWorld took a look at just that, and came away with profound testimony from on-the-ball business owners who've been tracking where their sales are coming from, and of those sales, which are better sales. She shares her juicy findings in this Pinterest vs Facebook article, and I'm honored to make a contribution to the article as well.

Erika sent out a pr lead for this article and we included it in our official PR Lead collection here at Tin Shingle for our ProPreneur members to browse and pitch. I pitched it, and one of my answers got included. In this blog post, I've included the rest of my thoughts on the subject, and would love to know your thoughts and experience as well. But do read the full article at TechNewsWorld for findings from other business owners.

Erika's question was:

A new survey (from Steelhouse) suggests Pinterest might have greater success at e-commerce than Facebook. I would like to broaden the discussion to look at what Pinterest might have that Facebook lacks. What else might make Pinterest easier to monetize than Facebook?

My answers:

Pinterest has the advantage of being new - a new toy with exciting visual things to do on it. And right now in that new time, Pinterest has a few things that Facebook does not:

  • An amazing design. It's visually beautiful, and incredibly easy to use, even on the app. While there is room for improvement on the navigation, for now, once you "get it", it's pretty easy.
  • Pinterest has a leg up on Facebook in that it uses Facebook to catch on. You don't have to create a user account, but you do have to have a Facebook or Twitter account. More people have a Facebook account than a Twitter account.
  • Viral spread in a click. Because Pinterest uses Facebook to catch on, it automatically updates your Facebook "friends" when you join Pinterest, and those friends get emails that you are "following" them. A nice ego stroke, and motivation to keep pinning to your new followers so that they have more to look at and potentially click on.
  • Both are picture based, and that visual inspiration is in part fueling the clicks.
  • Either can monetize. The question is, who will be more clever at thinking up ways to do this? Despite Facebook's popularity, it's pretty easy to see why - it's a popularity contest in there. With Pinterest, people create their own little works of scrapbook art. That's already a harder, more limited model, but it's caught on. At this point, I wouldn't put money on either one to see which is easier to monetize. They both have the potential. Pinterest's model is more unique, so in that, I'd say maybe they have a leg up in the cleverness department.

Click here to read the article with sales feedback at TechNewsWorld.

What has been your experience?