Donations for Hurricane Sandy Relief


Tin Shingle HQ is New York-based, even though we can operate it from anywhere in the world, and often do. New York is our heart and soul,  her vibe and spirit running through our veins every day energizes us as we hustle with every other small business owner out there. We are heartbroken by the devastation Hurricane Sandy has caused to our great city (and all her boroughs) along with the cities and beaches around us in the tri-state area, especially New Jersey, Long Island, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and other severely impacted areas. We want to help everyone, including our small business friends in any way we can.  After all, honoring the importance and value of community in all ways is one of our founding principles.

From now until, well, whenever things look better are under control, we are making both a lump sum donation to the Red Cross, and will be  donating a portion of our future membership sales to the Red Cross.

To keep up with how small businesses are faring, please tune into what small businesses are saying in our Small Business Diary section on this website.

We wish all of you the best, and thank everyone who has lent their apartments and businesses to others for power and other amenities.

If you are doing something special to help those in need, please mention it in the comments below.