Does Your OPEN Sign Scream CLOSED?


Today I approached one of my local coffee shops here in Beacon, NY to go work inside. They have a neon OPEN sign in the window, but its light was off. The windows then looked dark inside, which would be normal since it is a sunny day, but since I was questioning the unlit OPEN sign, the coffee shop looked extra closed. Then, on their front door, their hangin sign was turned to CLOSED. I normal person might have walked away, but I'm nosey, and peeked my head in just in case. And there they were, the customers, the barristas, all working and coffeeing up as usual. They had no idea that three things had screamed CLOSED to me.

The takeaway? Such simple things could be blocking your business. Have another person look at your business, be it your website or your sales sheet or anything, and get their feedback. It doesn't have to be an expert in the field. Just someone who is not close to your business, who can give you an honest reaction. The change you'll need to make could be as simple as switching on a sign.