Diary of a Small Business Owner, Katie Danziger Nomie Baby Edition: Taking a Break brings Happy Surprises & Challenges


As I have mentioned a number of times, when I had my "ah ha" moment and decided to create the nomie baby car seat covers, starting a company was accidental, so there were a number of aspects of building and maintaining a business that I didn't anticipate.  The ones that stick out the most, are that nothing happens over night, and that since I am responsible for all aspects of the business from production to PR to marketing to sales, if I am not working on something, there is a good chance that nothing is happening, and that if I take a break all the great momentum that has built up quickly fades!

In my excitement, or perhaps naivite, I had assumed that my enthusiasm would be instantly contagious, the word would spread like wild fire, and the nomie baby brand would be as well known as "Pampers."  Instead, I have found that everything takes times. There is no "over night success."  I live in NYC, so I have been able to spread the word here through stores, getting in touch with local press, meeting with customers face to face, but getting the word out to others requires constant attention.  On the other hand, often when I put things out there, and then start working on other things, I am delighted with news that comes when I am not expecting it, or busy working on something else.  This was exactly what happened when I decided to take a break with my older daughter.  I checked in a couple of times a day to fulfill orders and answer questions, since customer service is so important, and in the midst of everything I received an email announcing that the nomie baby car seat covers were named a 2011 Finalist for the Cribsie Awards in the "Gear" category under "Most Necessary Car Seat Accessory."  You can check them out HERE.  What a great surprise!

Taking a break is so important to refuel and reconnect; however, I have also realized that if I am working on one area, the others are left to fend for themselves, so I am constantly juggling to keep as many areas going at once.  I am aware that if I take a break, it can mean that all the momentum that has been building slows down.  It needs continuous attention, after all, if I'm not paying attention, why would anyone else.