Diary of a Small Business Owner, Hold Your Haunches Edition: You Snewz You Lewz


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Well, Spring Break is over for the hauncho’s. Our week began with good news! After all of the media trolling we have done, we finally got an answer. The NBC local affiliate, channel 41, called and wanted to do a story on us.  So, here is the story of our first brush with T.V. and it is particularly fitting. Monday was a beautiful day in Bibb County. We were excited to meet the news people on Tuesday for our interview.  Per our normal routines, we were far to busy adjusting to a busy Monday to worry with our TV debut. We were putting that  off until Tuesday. Apropos of our usual attitude: why do today what we can put off till tomorrow.. I mean come on, we had to hit the grocery, shuffle kids to all the activities, animals to the vet, do the mountains of laundry all the usual chores of Monday, but tripled after a week vacation. Around 1:30 a.m. the bottom feel out , humongous storms slamming our area. My power went out and stayed on vacation until Tuesday evening. Remember,  this is the day of our interview that we had done NO prepping for. Now here it is Tuesday and I couldn’t even google things like, what to wear on t.v., how to answer questions, how to not look like an idiot and all the other things I was planning on doing the last  minute to get ready.

So what did we do, well we “wung” it. Coreen and her camera man, Robert were consumate pros and I’m sure they thought we were consumate nut jobs. Coreen, being the pro that she is, would not interview us together.. and we are used to our dog and pony show. Erin is great off the cuff and can actually answer questions intelligently. On the other hand, I start to ramble and say things like “ you don’t have to have a big ass to have a jiggly one”. No doubt that will be edited out.. I can’t seem to behave right on camera (or off for that matter). I am blaming it on my power outage and the fact that b/c of that, I was unable to do my homework.

We did have a wonderful time with the news peeps and in usual fashion, we tried our best to interview them. Coreen anchors the nightly news and is in the station from 2 p.m. to midnight every weekday. That stuff fascinates us and then we go to town pestering her with questions like wanting to know how late she sleeps every day, when does she exercise etc...can we get a morning show ( it is not hard for us to get off topic) I am sure Coreen could not wait to get rid of us. Mundane details of peoples lives seem to fascinate us. Far more than the mundane details of ours seem to fascinate others.

We don’t know when the story will air. Robert and Coreen said it was going to take a lot of editing. Shocker. Our next stop is the local Mix in the Morning show next week. I bet we will have some tail tales to share with you after that.

 p.s. Oprah and Gayle still have not called.