Diary of a Small Business Owner, Hold Your Haunches Edition: A Valuable Lesson About Research, & Our Boston Expo Field Trip


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Greetings from the Head Haunchos. This week's blog will be about the importance of research; no matter how obvious a choice may seem!

We wrote last week that we were headed to Boston to introduce the marathon expo attendees to our magic pant. We signed up for this adventure 3 or 4 months ago (re: right when we opened for business). The following were our reasons for signing up: 1. there were to be 80,000 sets of eyeballs at the expo 2. Tucker from the expo explained that we would have a prime booth in the "new products pavilion" 3. We love Boston and have friends there, so why not go.
If you read between the proverbial lines, you will note that this mode of thinking does not exactly reek of heavy research.

We set up shop at the expo in the swanky new products pavilion which actually means stuffed over in the corner in a town close to Egypt. The first 2 days were filled with marathon runners, whom if they ever even made it over to our little corner of paradise, looked at us like we were nuts (they were correct, BTW). We talked with other vendors who explained we had leapt straight into the Super Bowl of marathons and the Tiffanys of expos. We did as always and decided if this was sink or swim, we were going to swim. We stood up straight and proud and pitched our pants.

The reaction was interesting. There were a few delightful women who were running (did I mention you have to qualify for this event?)  who loved our concept and bought the pants and there were numerous men who really dug the pants, especially on our "Brazilian Model" mannequin. Day 3 was when the fun started! The sisters, wives, mothers, friends and daughters of runners were finally in town. The Hold Your Haunches booth started hoppin! Delighted laughter echoed between the walls of the new products pavilion, pants were sold, cards were taken, friends were chased down to come see and our Facebook fan page felt the love.

We learned a valuable lesson, but feel more confident than ever about our incredible product! When the demographic is right, the happy customers are there and we are more than thrilled to help them feel better than ever about themselves. We'll hone our research skills, find another expo soon and let you know how it goes. Remember, expo is short for exposure, and when you are a new business, exposure is the number one thing you need!