Diary of a Small Business Owner, Hold Your Haunches Edition: Capri, Loyalty & Family


Last week we promised new styles and this week, we have one! The Hold Your Haunches capri style was released to much acclaim. The release of the capri served to remind us what we know, but always like to have reinforced-our pants are friends to all who try them; we've really got something here!  After announcing the availability of Hold Your Haunches capris, we had an influx of orders placed. The majority of orders were from women who already have the original bootcut style!

Customer and Brand loyalty are essential to success, and while we are small, to see Brand loyalty for Hold Your Haunches has put a definite spring in our step. The leggings are moving along in the prototype phase and should be available for purchase sooner than later. We hear you Ladies!

With Mother's Day having just passed, there has been a lot of dialogue about balancing being a small business owner/entrepreneur and an engaged and available mom. Every woman in this position knows it is a juggling act involving prayer that no balls get dropped. We Head Haunchos love our product and love our families and are working on balance and integration at the same time. Next week, we are going to Dallas to show and SELL at the Ultimate Women's Expo. We have decided to take 2 of our daughters with us and make it a "girls' trip". 

The girls will get to have time with their moms, visit an exciting city and hopefully be empowered by seeing what hard work and and nerves of steel can do... you can execute what is a superb idea into a business of your own and still be present for those you love!