Co-Founder Sabina Featured in American Airlines Magazine: Catch Her Creativity Boosting Tips Here!


Want more creativity in your life? Well then you're in luck!  This month our very own co-founder Sabina Hitchen was featured in American Airline's inflight magazine American Way sharing her tips on how to get more creative (and we've included her two favorite tips for you to read right here, below). This is awesome on two levels:

First, what business owner doesn't want to be able to think more creatively. If someone is going to do some of the thinking for us - or better yet, teach us how to think better and more creatively -  we're in! Not only did Sabina do that for the magazine, but she's included two tips she uses regularly for you below, just in case you weren't flying anywhere in the US this month!

Second, it's a living example of why it's important to take the time and make the effort to do your own PR and share your expertise with the press. It can land you into the pages of a magazine seen by thousands upon thousands of air travelers. Did loads of people discover Sabina while inflight this month? Heck yes, even her cousin who was flying for business saw it (see below for proof).


Listen, PR can be difficult at time, but the challenge is worth it, the press is worth it, and if you learn how to do it from a pro (shameless plug: try attending our free webinars every week) you can start doing it faster and with more success. So keep at it folks, it's worth it!

And now, two creativity boosting tips from Sabina to see you off this weekend!

#1 - One of the most powerful ways to introduce more creativity into your own life is to work on living in the present.  Sound crazy? Let’s think it through: most of us only allow half (at most) of our brain to be present at any given moment.  The rest of it is thinking ahead worrying or celebrating the future, or it’s dwelling in the past.  Both of these types of thinking rob us of all the amazing moments, sensations, discoveries and lessons that are happening all around us at any given moment.  By introducing the practice of present moment awareness into our own lives, we’re opening ourselves up to untapped resources and ideas all around us that don’t even require us to leave it all behind – let alone leave city we’re in – like Don Draper.  Pause, slow down, be present, really take in what you see and hear, and what the people around you are saying.  In those moments some of your most powerful creative moments will be born.

#2 - Leave your desk.  While some profess their most creative moments happen in the shower, I know mine happen when I’m on my daily walks or cutting vegetables for dinner.  It’s rare that you’ll find someone say that they broke through to a new creative level while staring at their computer. Breakaway, even if it means a walk around the building or cubicles.  Don’t force yourself to think about the tasks that you want to get creative about, just let your thoughts wander, think about other things, hum a song, and let your mind work without pressure.  You’ll be amazed at what you’ll come up with!

Should you catch her piece while in flight tag us with a photo of you reading it and we'll send you a Tin Shingle coupon code! Follow Sabina for more tips and updates on Instagram and Twitter via @SabinaKnows.