Cinderella's Song Rings True in Business: If You Keep on Believing...


As Cinderella said, "If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true." In business, with hard work and perseverance, that dream will be realized.

Sabina and I are open about our love for the Cinderella story. Yards and yards of silky delicious fabric aside, Cinderella is a story of hope and hard work. Sure, luck came to Cinderalla, but like any good business story, luck happens to those who lay the path. Perseverance is a theme in this story, from the tiny mice comitted to breaking Cinderella out of the tower, to Cinderella herself making it through the day in a possitive way. In the 2015 version, when Lily James, playing Cinderella, loses all hope after her mother's dress is torn to pieces, she forgets her sorrow to help an old woman, who turns out to be her fair godmother, and her fate changes in that moment.