Case Study: Barefoot and Chocolate Uses Member Benefits to Get Press on Elvis Duran Morning Show


Case Study: Barefoot and Chocolate Use Tin Shingle Member Benefits to Get on Elivis Durand and the Morning ShowWhen Barefoot & Chocolate joined Tin Shingle as a member, they immediately took advantage of their the Pitch Whisperer Program. Days later, their edited letter was sent to their intended target -  Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. A flurry of emails later (and even a traffic ticket!), Barefoot & Chocolate was being devoured by Elvis Duran and the Morning Show live on the air.

The Pitch Whisperer Program was created to help small businesses have better success when they are trying to get press for their businesses. In the program, a small business submits the email pitch they are intending to send to a magazine, newspaper, TV show or radio show. Their pitch gets assigned to a Pitch Whisperer, and the edited pitch with recommendations on what to do for the future are sent to the business owner.

But Barefoot & Chocolate took it one step further. When they got the press, they took to the Internet to share their press and spread the word. They utilized their own blogging platform here at Tin Shingle called The #SmallBizDiaries, and wrote about the adventure of getting the press, and getting to the radio studio (they got pulled over for driving in a bus lane!). They can also post it in their Press Portfolio here at Tin Shingle, that is read frequently by people searching for things in search engines.

The #SmallBizDiaries is a blog on Tin Shingle for each member to share their behind the scenes stories and insights into how they are growing their business. It helps the business spread the news to people searching in Google, and gets their brand in front of even more eyes. This is an SEO tactic, and is one of several content marketing opportunities we make available to members of Tin Shingle. Also, because I'm an SEO junkie, I couldn't help but get under the hood of Sasha's blog post, and make edits to improve it SEO-wise. I included my SEO recommendations for members to read in our private Forum where members turn to other members for insight and support.

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Here is the clip! You can play it right now!