Can We Refer You? Businesses In Demand In Tin Shingle's Business Directory


More and more, people are emailing Tin Shingle asking for our recommendations of businesses to hire, as well as great ideas for gift ideas or products to improve someone's life. Our answer is always the same:

"Go to Tin Shingle's Business Directory!"

The media comes to us asking: "Do you know who does XYZ or makes ABC?" And our answer is always the same:

"Yes! Look in Tin Shingle's Business Directory! And Shopping Guides!"

Of course we give personal recommendations when we can, but even Team Tin Shingle dives into the Business Directory and Shopping Guides to find great businesses to recommend. Will the media or clients see your business in the Business Directory? You can submit one business to 2 categories for cross-over. Plus, do you run more than one business? You can create more than one Business Profile to represent it well to the media and to consumers who read Tin Shingle.

How To Add Your Company To The Business Directory

  1. Log in, and make sure you have a Business Profile. Click on the Dashboard link at the very top of the website.
  2. Click the "Add a Business Profile" box where you can upload your logo and business description. You can also add links to your website and social platforms.
  3. From that page, you can add your business to the Business Directory. You will be given choices to select: Product or Service? Then you will be given appropriate options.
  4. If you don't see a category that fits your business, please email with a suggestion.

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