Calling All Female Entrepreneurs: The Story Exchange Wants YOU to Share Your Story!


Women-owned businesses are growing faster than the national average.  Female entrepreneurs are creating jobs, boosting the economy and inspiring future generations of female leaders.  They're doing this with fewer role models than men, 80% less capital than men (when seeking first year financing) and considerably less support from policy makers and the media alike. How do we begin to change this?  How can we raise awareness for female entrepreneurs, which is often the first step towards making changes in policy, funding and awareness?  The Story Exchange hopes to be part of the solution as they shine a spotlight on women in business via their 1,000 Stories Campaign, and your story could be one of the next they tell to the world!  Not only is the campaign highlighting stories of women in business from every sector, from non-profits to service industries to product creators, but they're taking those stories and turning them into information that those who can make big change for female entrepreneurs - policymakers, financial backers, the media and more - can use to (as they put it so perfectly) "create initiatives that work around the needs of women … instead of women having to work around everyone else."

Are you a woman in business that has a story to tell?  Connect with the Story Exchange and share it on their platform.  The stories they select are shared via blog and video on their digital platform, and some are also shared on an even bigger platform via partnerships they have with The Huffington Post and The New York Times!

Sharing your story is simple.  Visit the 1,000 Stories Campaign page and get inspired by some of the stories they're already telling.  Then click on the "tell your story" button and answer some questions to submit your own story. 

Second guessing whether your story is worth being told?  Don't ponder that for one more minute!  Your story could be the one that inspires another small business owner to keep going, or perhaps encourages another woman in the United States to begin on her own entrepreneurship journey!  On an even larger scale, it will help impact political and financial policies that all of us can benefit from. 

You know that we love hearing your business stories here at Tin Shingle and we look forward to seeing you share them on this new digital stage as well!