Call for Mother's Day & Father's Day Gift Ideas from Tin Shingle Members


As you are making the rounds to get included in Mother's Day and Father's Day Gift Guides, if you are part of our private membership program, you can now list a gift idea from your business directly into Tin Shingle's online gift guides! Gift ideas can include products, classes, memberships, services, etc. We all know that gifts to make Mom's life easier or prettier are good, and that Dad tends to love golf, BBQ and food. :) Buzz happens when our members fill up our gift guides, including:

  • SEO: When gift ideas about a similar thing are grouped together, they have stronger value to search engines. It's like "safety in numbers", but in this case, it's "power in numbers".
  • Tweet! We tweet your gift ideas.
  • Blog Roundup: We publish a blog roundup based on your gift ideas and we feature that in our free newsletter, #SmallBizGoodness.

How to Enter if You are a Member:

  • Log into your Member Account Center.
  • If you're on the Home page, click on the "My Benefits" button. If you're on any other page, look at the right side column and click on SHOWCASE (add/edit) under the "CONTENT MARKETING CENTER"
  • Add a picture, and be sure to put a link to exactly where to make the purchase of your item, or to learn more information. Include a description about the product or service. A description really helps with good SEO so that it gets found in Google and other search engines.
  • If you're not a member yet, click here for more information.

PS: These online gift guides are different than what we are collecting in the PR Leads. Please continue submitting to the PR Lead calls for Mother's Day (click here) and for Father's Day (click here).