Boy Meets Girl's Stacy Igel Meets the Monday Motivation Mix Turn Tables. Eclectic Mondays Ensue...


I knew of Stacy Igel's brand before I knew of entrepreneur & fashion designer Stacy Igel herself...The Boy Meets Girl logo is a catchy one, and has secured itself a spot not only into my memory but my closet.  That said, we connected this past year and realized we're from the same area and know a lot of the same people, as one often finds in the entrepreneurial community.  

In case you're not familiar with Boy Meets Girl or Stacy yet, let me fill ya in....

Abby Gardner, Director of, writer for, and more describes Stacy Igel as “a force of nature and one whose talent and drive I admire tremendously. What I love so much about Stacy is that, despite all her success, she's not afraid to get her hands dirty – in the course of a single day she’ll take on the role of accountant, salesgirl, PR guru, merchandiser, company psychiatrist and -- of course -- designer...." (Sound familiar entrepreneurs?)

A fashion designer by trade Stacy is one of today’s leading trendsetters. Always destined to be a fashion designer; by the age of four she was outfitting her classmates and staging fashion shows. She grew up surrounding herself with great fashion and design and soon began working closely with iconic mega-brands such as Izod, Elie Tahari, Zandra Rhodes and Elsa Klensch. Doing this, like many small business owners, she became aware of a need.  For her it was the need for an edgy yet wearable, stylish yet casually classic brand in the young contemporary marketplace. Boy Meets Girl ® was born.

Since then, Boy Meets Girl®  has been seen everywhere from Teen Vogue to WWD on everyone from Gossip Girl to Anne Hathaway and is featured on the racks of countless specialty and department stores worldwide including Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, Saks and Fred Segal. 

Today, Stacy is the Founder/Creative Director and Chief Brand Ambassador of Boy Meets Girl®. Projects currently in development include hosting a web series sponsored by called “Behind the Seams with Stacy Igel” and a reality series. Amidst all that it remains extremely important for Stacy to give back.  She's passionate this month (October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month) to honor the legacy of her friend Kristen Martinez who past away last year from breast cancer and has created a special t-shirt that gives back to the Young Survival Coalition.

So how does she stay motivated to do all of this?  We suggest letting her playlist do the talking as she takes to the turn tables.  Fun Fact?  Stacy's actual DJ name is DJ Daisy Deesh.

(catch up with Stacy on Twitter HERE & HERE)


1. No One > Alicia Keyes

I listen to this song on repeat in the office/subway. It motivates me to keep moving and everything will be alright!

2. Zona Mona > Bela Flek

I do a lot of design work to this song. It gets me in the groove and my creative juices rolling. I listen to a lot of songs while designing but this is one that has taken me from college to now.

3. Strip Me > Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha and I met last Feb. I had always been a Natasha music fan and when I heard this song I felt the journey that she sings about here. I listen to this song when I run in the park. It is about the journey of building as an artist. I was fortunate to have Natasha perform at my last February show. She is a true artist!

4. Helena Beat > Foster the People

When putting together a playlist for my runway shows or presentations for NYFW I go thru 1000 of artists I either want to collaborate with or feature in the run of the show. I discovered Foster the People last year before the world knew who they were and used this song in my Feb. show. I am obsessed with this band and so proud of their success. I play them on repeat in the office.

5. Animal > Neon Trees

I love Neon Trees. Their music gets me up and out. Great getting ready music. I also was fortunate to have Neon Trees perform at my last Sept. NYFW show. They performed this song acoustic and it was right before they exploded. I love being part of an artists rise. I remember everyone asking me "Who is Neon Trees" and now everyone is like OMG Neon Trees. The power of the radio and media - amazing!

6. If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out > Cat Stevens

You can ask my best girl friends to verify this but I think I have had this song on repeat for 20 years. One of my favorite movies is Harold and Maude and the whole playlist is of Cat Stevens. This song is just pure inspiring. I am a old soul at heart.

7. Coming Home > Diddy/Dirty Money

Another song I workout to.

8. Alive > Pearl Jam

My favorite band from growing up. Cannot believe it is there 20th anniversary along with Nirvana’s - crazy!

9. Rolling in the Deep > Adele

I think this is on everyone’s playlist!

10. Lights > Eli Goulding

I heard Eli over the summer and fell in love with her.

11. Seaside > The Kooks

Subway Special.

12. 4ever-The Veronicas

Last but not least the Veronicas performed at my NYFW presentation this past Sept.11th.