Bloggers Take over Front Row at Fashion Week


Fashion Week has descended upon New York City, and that means we've been following the Tweets, Facebook updates, and blogs of some of our favorite fashionistas and writers.

While reading the updates from Zandile Blay (fashion market editor of Paper Magazine, editor of the Blay Report, style editor for the Huffington Post, and one of Tin Shingle's fave fashion insiders) we caught an interesting update:

"Blaynistas [her blog followers] this is the year of the blogger! I swear! they are getting front row like mad!"

Come to think of it, we've been following Zandile, and her partner in crime Julee Wilson (fashion editor extraordinaire at Real Simple magazine and  Real Simple Twitter gal ) throughout Fashion Week, and there they are at the hottest shows in and out of the tents, meeting with some of the hottest designers!

So what does this mean for us? 

Firstly - Times truly are changing! The power of the blogger is getting stronger than ever, and thanks to the advent and exponential growth of Twitter & Facebook their messages and updates are transmitted instantly worldwide.  If you are a blogger, there is no limit to what you can do.

Second:  The fashion world, business world, and media in general are recognizing the power of these bloggers!  The designers inviting these bloggers to shows know that endorsements from people like Zandile & Julee can impact their brand.

Third:  YOU should be educating yourself as to who the most influential bloggers are in your industry.  Neglecting pitching the blogs is a big no-no for your pr campaign.  Sure magazines and television are important to focus on but you also have to be sure that you're sharing your expertise, products, and stories with bloggers who can instantly share it online in both their blogs and their social media links.  This can start a viral buzz that can spread like wildfire. 

** please note:  really do your research when checking out blogs.  Check their rankings, but also how long they've been around, other stories they cover, and verify their legitimacy before working with any blog.

It's also inspiring on another level, as it shows you that a strong message, a computer, and hard work can land you exactly where you need to be to make an impact - whether it's the front rows of Fashion Week or whatever is best for your brand!

I'm sure these bloggers never underestimated their power - learn a lesson from them!

Want to check out the very latest from Julee & Zandile ?

Follow Zandile's blog at and check her out at Zandile on Twitter!

Follow all of Julee's tweets at Real_Simple on Twitter!


Very interesting on so many levels! First of all, as a blogger, this is very inspiring. And second of all, with the advent of social networking being on fire, it has totally changed how one can blog. Good observations!

I really want to know who rates Fashion Bloggers and where can i get more information about it? When someone like Julee Wilson blogs, i don't question it. However when 13-years old writes one of the most popular Fashion Blogs, it makes me uneasy. Are all popular Fashion Bloggers in position and right knowledge to judge Fashion Brands?

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