With Blockage Comes Growth


Blockage comes growth

Ignore for a moment the mud, and focus on the green growth popping out from the mud.

These are sprouts of my bleeding heart bush, which will look like the picture below when fully grown. Trouble is, these sprouts are located underneath my trash can that I moved this morning to take to the end of the driveway. I do this once a week, which means that the mud sees daylight maybe once or twice a week. I moved the bush to this spot last year, and completely forgot during the winter that it was in this spot.

Bleeding heart blooms

That means that this lively plant is almost totally blocked from the sun, which is essential to its growth. Even with this major blockage, the plant is still growing. Which tells me that your business, if it's healthy in the root, can grow with even total blockage. If you are having distractions or blockages while growing your business, like a day-job, or a family, or an illness, these can be major blockages to your business growth, and can cause frustration for you.

But look at the pink buds of this bleeding heart, and know that your business can continue to grow despite the blockage. You will need to move the blockage, because certainly the bush cannot grow tall if you keep putting a trash can on it. But this resilient bush has been in two locations in my yard, both of which have been awkward. The first was between two other giant holly bushes. Totally the wrong place. And now it's in the corner of the yard, but obviously in a place that is better suited to tuck away our trash cans.

Which forces me to move this bush yet again. And I've thought of the spot: just on the other side of this fence, in a corner of my side yard where I've never known what to plant there. This new place may be just the spot for it to thrive and spread out.

Blockage unblocked. But know that you and your business can still thrive in the dark mud with minimal sunlight. Even darkness can't hold you back...