Art Fair Launching Again During Recession - with 50% Growth


The Armory Art ShowLeave it to our good old daily paper, AMNY, to feature business that is growing in the most peculiar areas: The Armory Show, New York's international art fair housed on the West Side Highway on Piers 92 and 94. The art exhibit was born in the recession of the '90s, and has expanded by 50% this year. As was revealed to AMNY in an interview with a founder of the show, Paul Morris, he is very "bullish" about recessions and sees opportunities.

It's all about thinking smart these days. The article goes on to say that the exhibit may not be as decedent this year, and may be more "handmade", and remenisent of styles of the early '90s when artists like "Jack Pierson and Jim Hodges and Kiki Smith and Charles LeDray [were] making art out of practically trash" says Morris. The DIY approach even made it to the opening sequence of the Oscars this year, when the giant Oscars looked like they were made of cardboard or papermache.

So, if your purse strings are tight these days, and you want to take an inexpensive day trip to an art exhibit that supports hundreds of others, put on your scarf and get going. There may be something in your price range to buy, since this is a recession and all, and prices are lower. Raandesk Art Gallery has invented a new reason to buy moderately priced art for gifts, called the Art2Gift program. Browse through a variety of pieces of art that you very well may click to buy without much damage to your checking account.

And then you can come home, make dinner, and get out some supplies in order to polish what you do have in order to make yourself feel like a million bucks, like I did with this giant copper bowl that was literally trash, until I polished it. Vigorously. And now it's beautiful.