Are you REALLY ready for Oprah?


Hi Collective E team,

Sabina here, thinking about a question that I actually asked a client today, and even more excitingly, two Collective E members themselves had to ask themselves this past month, when we sent their media kits and information on to the producers we work with at the show.

So often when I ask a new or potential client what they want out of a PR campaign, their answers are:  Today Show & Oprah.

When this is the case we ( along with publicists around the globe) sigh.  Of course those are great goals, but they are lofty.  Nevertheless we push on forward when the product or story is a good fit for the program.  Still, though the hard part is getting ON the program, the work doesn't end there, and if you haven't prepared, "Oprah Prepared" beforehand, the entire experience could backfire!  

Here are a few ways you should be ready LONG BEFORE you actually pitch (or have your pr team pitch) the show.

* Have an updated media kit with your biography/company backgrounder, testimonials ( these are great!),  product information sheet, and great photos of yourself and product on hand.

* Be sure you have a REEL if you are an expert or planning on speaking on the program, not just submitting your product.  They will ask you to submit it to their FTP site and will expect it there within minutes of their request.  Thus you must have it ready to go.  The producers will not risk putting you on television if they cannot see how you translate on camera.  This is another reason why it's a great idea to start small with local press hits and build up to Oprah style press hits!

* Be sure you can handle the VOLUME of sales and online hits the program will generate.  If you are currently fulfilling orders in your basement and cannot fulfill more than 5,000 for the season, do not pitch yourself to the Oprah Winfrey Show.  When you are featured on the show you are opening yourself up to a massive television audience, and if they order your product or visit your site you must be able to service them.  If you cannot, believe me the producers will hear about it, and your likelihood of a second chance on the show is very low.

* Be able to gift the studio audience.  If you have a product or book and you are on the program, you should be able to give something away to the entire audience and you will be looking at hundreds of free product samples.  Obviously if you are a high end jewelry maker or handbag designer this may be more difficult, but you will have to give them something....of course the exposure is worth every penny, but the key here is preparedness!

* BE READY!  You may get a call from the producers next week - will you be ready to go with just a week or two's notice?  The Tin Shingle team regularly works with the team to fill stories they are working on, or suggest them from our members.  If we send you will you be ready?

Stay tuned to the "How Do You's"   where we will be getting even more tips about Oprah from one of her producers.  Until then, be sure you are following the above tips to be sure your Oprah pitch, and any pitch for that matter, is executed to the best of your ability!