How Baby Gear Company, Nomie Baby, Succeeded in the Start-up Years.


Nomie Baby

Katie DanzigerKatie Danziger, founder of the nationally recognized baby gear brand Nomie Baby, was a former marketing executive who left the field when she had kids so that she could spend more time with family and to volunteer. But her business brain kept on ticking, and after her third child, Katie was so motivated to solve a problem she had when her littlest one spit up in her car seat, that she developed the first removable, washable, spill-proof car seat cover. That was in 2007, and by Memorial Day 2008, Katie had launched the website to sell the car seat covers. Nomie Baby has exceeded its expectations in sales and reach, being a must-half for hundreds of thousands of parents, and selling in boutiques around the country, and big box stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, some Buy Buy Baby stores, and

We chatted with Katie about how Nomie Baby has thrived during its startup years:

When you first started your business, did you have to quit another job?

What was the pivotal move to you starting your business?
I had an "ah ha" moment that others also agreed it could work and could believe that it didn't exist already, so step by step I developed the Nomie Baby car seat covers.

Why did you know this business was the right thing to start?
I knew that I wasn't the only one with the messy problem of cleanup after my little one's car seat, and after searching online and coming up empty and sharing the idea with a few close friends who all said, "Oh I wish I had that!"  I knew it was a must-have for all parents.

Can you share with us some super-star moves you made that improved your business?
Letting go of things that others could do better, and faster, which allowed me to focus on the things that I can do and enjoy.  Realizing and accepting that it's not only OK not to do everything myself, but it's actually good business sense to delegate to others with expertise!

Did you have a family at the time of launching your business?
Yes, 3 kids and a husband who were all incredibly supportive and great cheerleaders.

How has a growing family impacted how you run your business, or what you want from your business?

It has forced me to use my time more efficiently, so when I am working I am making the most of my time, and when I am with my family I can really be with them.

Have you launched other businesses or ventures since launching this business?

Why do you think your business has succeeded during its first few
critical years?
Because Nomie Baby products really are must-have products that are reasonably priced, easily accessible and I have stayed focused on a few products.

We at Tin Shingle are proud and happy to see the success of Nomie Baby as the business continues to sustain strength through the years. One practical need sprouted a great idea which allowed Nomie Baby to kick off thriving.  If you are wondering why every mom needs one, especially if you have kids who suffer from car sickness, make sure you get a  nomie baby car seat cover here.

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