Another Reason Why Sabina Loves Peter Shankman & HARO


So, I'm sure if you're one of the few entrepreneurs who doesn't religiously read the daily HARO emails, you will be by the time this blog post is completed.  Beyond getting our daily doses about what is up with Peter and his two cats, you get amazing leads from reporters and producers from all areas and outlets nationwide. 

What I personally enjoy about getting the leads is it helps me become more aware of what the reporters deem are the hot stories of the day, what the upcoming trend stories are, what news is getting the most coverage, and how I should be spinning and angling my "harder" news stories.

Another great thing to get out of his and any other lead generators you subscribe to?  Look at how quickly deadlines are approaching.  I was almost surprised to see Valentine's Day queries coming into my email inbox the other day, but then I realized that we did just wrap the holiday issues and though Fall may just have become official, in the world of long lead media (magazines, etc) we are on our way into February!

Those are my thoughts on Peter Shankman's HARO for  now:  great leads and greater lessons!  And to top it all off it's FREE!  Now you can't beat that in our world of nearly $5.00 gas!

Until later,