5/28/14 #TuneUp: Why and How to Use Promoted Twitter Ads


Twitter #TuneUp

These #TuneUp meetings are a chance for us to do just that – Tune Up on our Buzz Building Skills, meet up and connect with fellow business owners, share ideas, ask questions and tap into the power and energy of the group!  If you couldn't make it to the live call, or if you wanted to review, here are the notes:

This week, we talked about using Promoted Twitter Ads. We followed along on my computer screen as I walked everyone through the overview of Promoted Tweets, and introduced some strategy into how to use them.

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Running a business is a big deal. You are the bottom line, but there is only so much of you. If you’re feeling scared, take a moment to step away from your work to get to a clear space. In that space, think about the things that are troubling you or causing you fear. Ask yourself what would solve these problems?  Because you are a business owner, you...

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We’re talking today about Promoted Twitter ads. If you run a blog or website, or are selling products or your services, you’ll want to use these ads. Let's go over what you are going to need to think about before starting:
1. What is your goal for an ad?
Each ad is very, very targeted. Figure out your overall goal, and then how you are going to chip away at that goal with little tweets.
2. Types of Twitter ads: Promoted Tweets & Promoted Accounts.
The Promoted Tweet is a tweet that goes into the newsfeeds of other people who don’t follow you. This is key because you can reach SO MANY people!
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3. Overview of Promoted Tweets
Let’s get a lay of the land before we dive in.
First, you have to sign up with the promoted tweets by giving Twitter your credit card. Then you will see all of these tools.
Let’s look at the top area of the navigation:
This is where each of your campaigns live. You can have several campaigns. The idea of a campaign is: are you promoting a tweet or an account. And from there, WHO are you promoting it to. If you have different groups or types of people you want to promote to, you will have different campaigns.

Creatives is where you can write tweets directly into Twitter, AND where you can assign it as a promoted tweet.
This tells you about your followers and your tweets.
Followers: Click this to get general stats about your followers. Look at their Interests. Look at who else they follow. This can help you target what types of people you are going to set out to target your ad to.
Tweet Activity:
Refresh this puppy all day. It’s addicting to see if your tweets got clicks, RTs, Favorites, or Replies.
Creating a Promoted Account
Ok, so let’s create a promotion. Let’s create a basic Promoted Account tweet first to get that rolling. The goal here is to get followers. Not to promote a page on your website. So, consider the following:
- Maybe don’t include a link to your website.
- Maybe don’t include a picture. But try it to see what kinds of pictures work or distract.
You can also target your competitors here. They won’t get a notification that you’re doing this.

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Analyzing How You Are Doing
Watch your analytics very carefully. The more you study it, the more you’ll know what kinds of tweets work.
Tweets: Let’s look at Tweets. Look at the Promoted Account ones, and notice how the ones with #hashtags got less follows.
Analytics: Click the Analytics tab to see which tweets got RTs, Favorites, Replies, and if anyone clicked on any clinks within your tweet.
Google Analytics: Always keep an eye on your Google Analytics to see if traffic is coming from Twitter.

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