Kicking Off Superbowl Weekend with Some #SmallBizSnacks


Superbowl 2014

Need last minute Super Bowl party snacks and goodies for the big game this weekend? Look no further!  We thought we'd "kick" off Superbowl weekend and celebrate with some yummy snack ideas and more straight from our member-produced Showcase where Tin Shingle members curate our recommendations with their small biz selections.

Palmetto Cheese Bacon Lovers Cornbread Cupcakes Double. Bacon. Cornbread. Cupcakes.
from Palmetto Cheese

Serve up some of these Bacon Lovers Cornbread Cupcakes made with yummy Palmetto Cheese and watch them disappear before your eyes.
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Hudson Henry Baking Co Good News Granola Maple, Pecan & Coconut Granola
from Hudson Henry Baking Co.

For your game-time munchies,  Good News Granola from Hudson Henry Baking Co goes over well with the men, and small children. For extra umph, mix with peanut butter or plain yogurt or milk and bananas.
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Barefoot and Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Happy Chocolate Spread
by Barefoot & Chocolate

Spread this Hazelnut Chocolate Spread from Barefoot and Chocolate on just about anything, and you might forget that  the other team scored a touchdown. It's is our new favorite chocolate obsession. Shop this >
Vixen Vodka Game-Day Punch Cocktail Recipe:Grapefruit + Vodka
from Vixen Vodka

This cocktail recipe perks up any game-time slump before the half-time show. Mix this vodka cocktail of 2oz Vixen Vodka, 2oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice, and a Splash of Lychee Liqueur. Sit back and enjoy  this delicious Vixen Game-Day Punch recipe. Shop this >

Pop Loco Salted Caramel Popcorn Feel-Good Sweet Tooth Cravings

You can feel good about curbing your sweet tooth with PopLOCO Salted Caramel Popcorn from ForAnima. It's gluten free and vegan. Enjoy!
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Nutty Steph's Magic Chunks

Granola + Chocolate in a Can
Nutty Steph's

Imagine the most delicious granola you've ever tasted. Now imagine it being smothered in the most decadent real dark chocolate you've ever experienced. That's what you'll get with Nutty Steph's Original Magic Chunks. Mmmmm!
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Comfort Seat Pull Up a Seat!
Comfort Seat

House parties get crowded. Need to pull up a chair? Easy, with the official Comfort Seat. Designed for boating, this seat is a perfect alternative to ugly metal chairs in your living room to host everyone. Even if you can't make it to the Superbowl, you can take this seat with you to any tailgating party and more! Enjoy the game in comfort with a Comfort Seat!
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