How to be Less Busy and Take Control of Your Schedule


This week our very own Tin Shingle co-founder Sabina Hitchen appeared on the Better TV Show and Hallmark Channel to share out #TinShingleTips and tricks sure to help you feel less busy and remove that frantic, "I'm TOO busy" feeling out of your day for good. It's time you all start taking back your schedule!  Watch the segments below, start incorporating these do-able strategies into your life and you'll begin to see changes almost immediately!

We've created an outline of Sabina's tips below but you can catch all of the juicy and actionable strategies in this two-part segment.

Just click on the images below to watch her in action!

Better TV Strategies to Be Less Busy


Better TV Take Control of Your Schedule

Strategy #1 – Break bad habits that are making you flustered and over-busy.  This means:

  • Assess your current schedule via a Time Log to Identify Time Wasters & See When You Work Best.
  • Do the Hard Tasks & Things You Don’t Want to Do First, Always.
  • Stop Multi-Tasking as Much as You Can.

Strategy #2 – Learn How to Say No in Three Steps – it will be the Most Powerful Lesson You Ever Master

  • Say no like a good handshake: politely and firmly.  Like a firm and polite handshake – not an apologetic no (which is like a weak handshake), not a no that is accompanied by with excuses or lies, an adult, mature, "No, I can't do that." 
  • Ask yourself if the request in tune with your personal or professional goals.  If it is not, and you are feeling pressed for time in general, say no.  No debate needed. 
  • Learn to pause before answering anyone’s requests, and tell them you’ll get back to them.

Strategy #3  Become a Master & Commander of Your Time

  • Eliminate Interruption – We are on interrupted on average every 8 minutes which can lead to hours of lost work time a day.
  • Create a To Do List the NIGHT BEFORE.
  • Schedule in time for yourself and time for the things that relax and re-energize yourself.