How to send out a great press release



...Make sure your contact details including email, phone number, and website are shown prominently in the header.

...Put a date on the release - ideally the same date as the day on which you send out the release.

...Remember that there are two forms of press releases, some which are created "For Immediate Release" and "Hold until X Date". By holding the release you are allowing the journalist to prepare the story but not actually run it until the date chosen by you. 

...Keep your opening short and two the point.  The introductory paragraph is a very quick overall summary of the release and your story.  It is very often the only section of your release a reporter or producer will read before making a decision as to whether or not they want to do your story, so be sure it is thorough, interesting, and to the point.

...Save in depth information for later in the release.


...Worry about having the snappiest or funniest of headlines. The newspapers and magazines have people whose job it is to summarize the story into a catchy title.  You just need to just make sure your title is interesting, makes sense and stands out.  Never include “Caps Lock” titles or several numbers or explanation points, which can cause your headline to be seen as spam.

...Forget that you are not the one writing the story just the release, so it should be to the point and factual.  Save the long, flowerly editorial for the reporters!

...Leave out a quote section, and be sure you put the title of the person you are quoting and use their full name as well as company affiliation. The quote portion of the press release is your chance to share a decent sound bite that the media can focus on, and use. The more interesting your quote the more chance it has of being used on blogs, websites, and the news.  You won’t believe how often the media will directly lift your press release for their story – especially as you get better and better at writing them!

...Send out the release without a boilerplate, which is a brief paragraph at the end of a press release that describes the company or person you are sending the release out about. It usually follows the bold words About (insert company or expert name here).  One should always have an updated and fully functional boilerplate available and saved so that you can simply add it to your press release template and be ready to go at a moment’s notice!

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This is great.Thank you for the advice. I am needing to put one together and it seems like a daunting task, but I will bookmark these points. Good luck on your new site! It's awesome!

@DuongSheahan (on twitter)

I have never written a press release before, but I think these notes will help me. I was wondering if you happen to also have a template of a press release with the sections you mentioned highlighted. It would be nice to see an example of a well-written press release with an explanation of WHY it is well written. Thanks!

Wow, I read a couple of That IT Girl articles and followed to this site with the intention of reading about press releases. Instead, I've spent about an hour reading everything else before finally arriving on this page (aka: great site, good going!).

I'm trying to figure out a PR strategy for a kids iPhone game that I'm close to finishing, and this article has been really helpful. Thanks heaps :)