How to Make that URL tiny


Use to make that URL tiny. is a free tool online that lets your shrink URLs that are too long to ft into small spaces. Like this one from an Operation Nice Twitter post:

Operation Nice Tweet

How to use TinyURL:
1. Get the web page you want the URL for, and copy the URL from the address bar. To copy, highlight the entire URL. You can do this two ways:
   a. Highlight the whole thing with your mouse, which could be cumbersome.
   b. Place your cursor in the address bar and: hit CTRL A (for Select All) or click on Edit > Copy
(this is the address bar, at the top of your browser window)

Address bar for tinyurl

2. Go to

3. Paste that URL into the little text box that is on Tinyurl's home page.

Paste into tinyurl

4. Click "Make TinyURL!" and you will be presented with...a tiny URL. Copy and paste that where you are going to use it!

NOTE: There are a lot of ways to skin this cat...what's yours? Do you use ? Please share.

What are those things on Twitter and other places?
If you are in a place like Twitter, where you don't have much space to list out a crazy long URL, what can you do?