Bringing the Facebook Boxes Back to Fan Pages


Facebook, sigh, as if the learning curve isn't bad enough to tackle, then you go and change how your most basic uses of it work. One of the best features about the Page was that you could easily upload HTML code, which could contain special designs to set you page apart and make it more useful. You could do this by using the application called Profile HTML. This would post a "box" to your Page. Facebook also allowed this for people's profiles, but they hid that concept back in November 2008. Big bummer. Now they've done the same change to the Page.


There is some good news and a DIY approach.  Now, on the Page Settings, you can select which area of your page is the default that your viewers see. For instance, you can select if the view sees your Wall, or your Photos. There is another little tab up there called Boxes. That's the one we want. Boxes contain all of the little decorations you've added to your Page. If you used Profile HTML to contain your newsletter sign-up, it will show here and you can also add an advertisement. If you really want to develop your Page it may be worth it to invest in a programmer and/or designer. 

Here is more on the DIY Boxes approach:

To make the Boxes be the default landing page for your viewers, go to the blue button "Settings," which is located under the blue button "Search" (pictured below).

Facebook Settings for Boxes

Look at the second pulldown, for "Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else:". Make this say Boxes. That means that when a person goes to the page, they won't see your long Wall, they will see specific, graphical elements you have placed on your wall.

Happy decorating!

PS: If you are trying to send an Update to your fans but can't find the link, here is how to send an Update to your Fans.

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