How to Put a Link in Your Facebook Status


Have you ever noticed that when you update your Facebook status, but you put a link in it, it actually doesn't show up in your status, and instead lives over in the Links section?

Translation: You log into Facebook, and you enter in your status for your personal page. Let's say you are taking appointments for your next sales show, and you put a link of how to sign up. Normally, you'd expect to see this status living as the official status for your account until you created another one. But shockingly, it's not there. Why? Because you included a link in that status update, and Facebook automatically re-categorized it to live in a section called Links. Bet you didn't know you had that section? Well you do, and you can get to it by clicking on a little thumbtack icon at the bottom left of your screen.

But, if you want to trick Facebook, and include the link this your high real-estate personal status (or even for the status of your professional business page) but don't want to trip the link-trigger and re-categorize your status, then leave the link without the http://www. part. Like this:

Katie is headed over to the Tin Shingle Entrepreneurial Yoga in the artful space on Harlem's east side Then is going to Mojo with WordBird for some *real* southern fried oysters.

This status update showed up as expected in my status (oops, I spelled entrepreneurial wrong of all things...gah...), yet did NOT activate the link. You can see in the picture below that the link did not turn blue. So, if you're eager for clicks, DON'T do this. But, if you think your friends will copy and paste the remainder of your link into their address bars, then go for it.

Here is how the status update looks in live form on Facebook:

Facebook status without link

You'll notice the link in the middle of the status update. It is not blue. If you click on it, nothing will happen. But, a savvy person could copy and paste the URL into their address bar and go directly to the page your are recommending.

How do you place a link in your Facebook status?
You went to tell your Facebook friends what you're doing via your Facebook status, and you included a link. But when you pressed "Share", your update is nowhere to be found? How? And Why?