Nitika Chopra: Why did you choose Vimeo Over YouTube as Publisher of Your Web-Channel?


Tin Shingle ASKS:
You've launched your new web channel, Burst TV, on your website, Bella Life, using the Vimeo platform. We've also seen you have guest appearances on other web-shows, which also publish on Vimeo. Is Vimeo the new thing for independent web TV production? Why did you go with it?**

As a new business owner I am constantly learning things as I go along.  When I first launched the on-line magazine Bella Life, I had all of my videos on YouTube and just assumed it was the one and only place that I should put my video content.  After a few months of searching for the best options in regards to video content, I found that while YouTube reaches more people, I liked the aesthetic of Vimeo much more.  Being the visual person that I am, and being committed to uniform and strong branding, I felt that the way the player itself looks is something worth caring about when adding content to Bella Life. I chose the Vimeo player to embed on Bella Life because I feel that they have more options for personalizing the player such as how your title appears, giving you a profile picture to showcase, choosing from a wider variety of thumbnail pictures for your video plus many others!  The honest truth is that when you are running a small business it is so crucial to tap in to ALL of your resources, so I have a YouTube channel (YourBellaLife) that houses all of my videos as well as a Vimeo channel so that I can cover all fronts for anyone who might be searching for the type of content we provide.  A video tip for people who are really targeting viewers that will be using their mobile devices a lot, YouTube's videos are mobile phone compatible where the Vimeo ones are not so that is something to remember as well.*

* Note from Tin Shingle: If Vimeo continues to grow in its hotness, they may develop into a more mobile friendly tool.

Why did you use Vimeo over YouTube?