Risa Weledniger Goldberg & Leslie Venokur : How did you grow so quickly?


We have grown through word of mouth and by focusing on being the authority in the best products and educational classes for new moms. We consider ourselves to be peers of the moms, so we get as much out of the classes and information as our clients and we really understand what they need. As a mom of twins (Risa), it has been great to reach out to the other twin moms who often feel isolated and overwhelmed, because I can really relate to what they are going through. We take a lot of pride in the relationships that are born out of our Big City Mom events with new moms meeting other new moms. These moms have a great experience and they tell their friends.

How did you grow so quickly?
Behold the power of a network of moms and entrepreneurs who can relate


Big City Moms is a wonderful and trusted resource for moms. You bring so much information that moms are searching for. I also appreciate how terrific you have been in helping to get the word out to your moms about the nomie baby car seat covers.