How to get on the Today Show 4th Hour with Kathie Lee & Hoda


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The Today Show fourth hour has become quite a showcase for interesting, unique or must-have products.  Nearly daily, Kathie Lee & Hoda place different products from indie brands to creations from international corporations on their table, and during their hour long segment they periodically pick one up, show it off, talk about what it is and where to buy it.  This is product placement gold!  The Today Show has a large, loyal audience and getting a plug by either of these two women can bring you instant validation and possible spike in sales. 

So how do you get your product on this morning newscast?  As with everything in public relations nothing is ever guaranteed.  What you will find covered in the full article:

  • Have a unique or interesting product that the Today Show's viewing demographic will enjoy.
  • Three pitches and you're out.
  • The 4th Hour with Kathie Lee and Hoda isn't the best place for services or experts.
  • You think you have THE product for Kathie Lee & Hoda, and you have your pitch, but how do you get it to someone over at NBC?

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Hi ladies,

This is an uber-helpful post. Thank you! I went to the blog to educate myself about the show and the products in the 4th hour, etc. But after reading several pages, found no mention of products at all. Am I looking in the wrong area?



I agree with Wendy! I signed up for the Today Show blog and got directed to a "NewsVine" I doing anything wrong?

I think the content in this article is fantastic! One of the producers of The Today Show had requested a sample of my product just before it came out a few months ago, but failed to follow up (my product may be too "racy" is "Shapewear for the Bedroom").

Just this week Hoda and Kathie Lee had spoke about a new study that states women would be willing to give up a year of their lives to be skinny, and how "feeling fat" affected their sex lives, and I was screaming as I watched it; my product directly solves that problem! I tried to get a contact email for Hoda and was shot down...what can I do??

Suzy Mac
Who's Your Mommy, llc