Tin Shingle, LLC


Tin Shingle, LLC

Created for business owners by business owners, Tin Shingle's DIY PR platform is the most trusted resource when doing your own PR, creating your own brand story in Social Media, strengthening your customer base with newsletters, and attracting customers from Google with SEO.

Tin Shingle has created the tool-set to help you increase sales and earn validation from magazine features and other publicity. Start with our free articles and classes, then dig in with Media Contacts, Editorial Calendars, Templates for emailing the media as well as plotting out your PR and Marketing plan. Tin Shingle is your support system as you're getting the word out and creating validation.

Click here to learn about Tin Shingle's business membership, which includes Media Contacts, Editorial Calendars, Online Classes, Community, Directories, and the support and empowerment you need to keep going.


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