Strategies on How to Work from Home with Kids in U.S. News and World Report


The never-answered question is explored again, with figuring out how parents who work from home can do so with their kids also at home. Tin Shingle co-founder Katie Hellmuth Martin is a mother of two, currently 1 and 3 years old, and had this to contribute:

Talk to yourself about your own expectations. If this is your first summer working from home and your kids will be around, adopt the mindset that "you won't be able to work for seven-hour stretches," advises Katie Hellmuth Martin, a mother of a three-year-old girl and one-year-old boy and the co-founder of Tin Shingle (, a national small business community headquartered in Brooklyn, N.Y. "As a home-based single girl, I could work for hours at a time, happily engaged in what I was doing, having food delivered, leaving only to walk my dog."

But if you have kids, Martin adds, "That won't happen."

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