[PR] Weekly Live TuneUp: How to Prepare for and Pitch Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October (Preparation Starts in June)


Special Guest Expert Shamel Robinson, CEO of Public Icon takes you through how to prepare for pitching your business to the press for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Though this hot topic for the media happens in October, preparation for pitching it to the press it begins in the summer months.

Covered In This Webinar

  • How to figure out who in the media is covering Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCA Month)
  • How to create the perfect Breast Cancer Awareness Month pitch for your product, service or expertise.
  • The biggest mistake you should avoid when pitching your products to the celebrity weeklies like In Touch, People Magazine, and more.
  • How to get your Breast Cancer Awareness month products on national and local television.
  • How to decide how much and who to donate to for Breast Cancer Awareness month.
  • How to activate and color your social media feeds around Breast Cancer Awareness month.
  • How to incorporate story telling when pitching during Breast Cancer Awareness month.
  • How to be sensitive to those who were affected by breast cancer while you are trying to get your PR job done.

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Kelly Kepner

Shamel Robinson has been called the Jewel of the entertainment industry- flawless indeed jewels are a gift of fortune.

Twitter: @publiciconllc
Instagram: @publiciconllc
Facebook: Shamel.PR

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