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Nadia Murdock entertained an early passion for fashion by being the offspring of a fashionista. Her enthusiasm for simple yet effective execution grew into a lifelong love for quality and with a strong work ethic she very quickly earned a reputation as the go-to gal for innovative and stylish PR solutions. Murdock has an event planning background and began her public relations career in the non-profit sector for several foundations as their special events manager and coordinator. Her philanthropic spirit has led her to collaborate with emerging designers and brands using her marketing, PR and writing expertise to help them get more exposure. She has a Master of Arts in Communication from New York Institute of Technology.

She consistently brings passion and creativity to every project, infusing them with her clever eye for style. Calling New York home, when she’s not in her office she can be found brunching, shopping and blogging about her two loves: fashion and fitness.

Simply put, Manchester Public Relations has allowed Nadia to write, meet/greet and nourish her career and relationships from coast to coast and beyond.