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Gwen Wunderlich, President  & Founder of Wunderlich Inc.,

Known for her ability to take a product, company, or personality and give it its own brand identity and message, President of Wunderlich Inc., Gwen Wunderlich oversees the entire company which includes fashion, beauty, consumer and personality divisions. In addition to supervising all brand execution and creative service strategies for her clients, Wunderlich secures daily press and newsworthy stories seen in national and international media outlets around the world. When Gwen isn‘t planning parties, previews and fashion shows, she is out on the scene mingling amongst industry influentials, tastemakers and Hollywood’s elite.  Wunderlich is the ultimate “go-to gal” for her clients and loves to hone her networking skills across the globe. She truly is the definition of entrepreneur - she lives it, she loves it, she works it! When she’s not hustling and bustling for her clients and her team, Gwen loves reading, writing, dancing and is a die-hard vintage fan! She can be caught day-dreaming daily about globally shopping for vintage houseware!