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With her technological savvy, industry know-how and envelope-pushing public relations techniques, Janine Just embodies the boundless energy and style that New York City is all about. JJ boasts seven years of professional experience in PR, is the Chief Connectologist of her eponymous PR/Social Savvy firm, Janine Just, Inc.

Prior to building her own business, JJ co-founded and acted as the former managing partner at The Blaq Group, a boutique consulting firm where she headed successful marketing endeavors with local restaurants, bars and venues.

JJ has fostered a glittering reputation for herself as a master of marrying innovative digital and social techniques with strong foundation traditional marketing foundations. One look at her social feeds and you'll know, this woman lands press, tells small biz stories in innovative ways and is going to fill your brain with the tips, strategies, straight talk and advice you'll need to get your business the feature it deserves!