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[PR] TuneUp: Pitching Local Media

Pitching local media, like your local newspaper or regional magazine, requires a special set of skills. This style of pitching almost requires that you peel back the sophistication and formulaic approach of a traditional pitch, in favor of a much more personalized approach.

But not too personal. You'll still need to include the most important details right away to catch the attention of the reporter, writer, and sometimes, even the publisher. In the world of local media, the same rules do not always apply if you want to land that feature.

Local media coverage can be great for your brand. Everybody loves supporting a neighbor - and that's exactly what most PR agents are getting wrong in their pitching. They are forgetting the personal approach to their pitch.

No matter if you make hats, stationery, or are a local expert in something that the world needs, you can get local media coverage without advertising. Some people turn up their noses at the local paper, but when it comes time to actually getting the word out about something, they all want to get into the local newspaper.

During this Training TuneUp, you will see actual pitches that did not work - were too formulaic and lacked the personal, community-centered approach. You will also see a pitch that did work that landed a full-page newspaper feature.

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[PR] How to Pitch Local Magazines, with Editor in Chief Olivia Abel of Hudson Valley Magazine

Coverage in your local magazines can mean a big boost in your business. People love being in-the-know locally. But how does a business pitch a local magazine? Our guest expert for this live class is Olivia Abel, the editor and chief of the Hudson Valley Magazine, one of New York's biggest regional magazines.


  • What are best ways for a business to sound relevant?
  • Does a business need a storefront in order to be covered in the magazine?
  • Does a business need to advertise in a local magazine in order to get editorial coverage?
  • What types of pitches get responses?
  • Who is the best person to pitch to at a local magazine if the staff is small?
  • How far in advance does a business need to pitch a story?
  • If a business runs a major local event, do they still need to pitch? Or will the magazine just "know" about the event and cover it?
  • What is a day in the life of an editor and chief of a regional magazine?

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Olivia AbelOlivia Abel is the Editor in Chief of Hudson Valley Magazine for nearly eight years. During her tenure, she has helped this glossy monthly publication increase its readership, refresh its image, win its very first national award (for civic journalism) and establish a dynamic online presence. Previously, Olivia worked in both editorial and marketing at some of the biggest magazines in the world, including a six-year stint as a reporter at People, writing press releases for Newsweek and creating direct mail packages for TV Guide.

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