Liz Picarazzi


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A few too many disappointing experiences with home contractors gave Liz Reisch Picarazzi the idea for Checklist Home Services.  One skipped the country a week before completing a major renovation.  Another installed tile on a kitchen floor that hadn’t been leveled first.  And then there were those who showed up late and didn’t return phone calls. There had to be a better way.

As a marketer who developed customer loyalty programs for a living, Liz found herself thinking about how the home services industry, and handyman businesses in particular, could improve the customer experience.  An ideal handyman would be a good communicator, have strong detail orientation, deliver projects on time, and enjoy interacting with customers and teaching them about their homes. These character traits became the most important screening criteria for our craftsmen interview process.

Liz personifies her company’s target customer.  She spent the last decade juggling a corporate job, motherhood, and marriage, leaving very little time to maintain and improve her family’s biggest investment — their home.  As the list of home chores on the refrigerator grew, so did the idea for a business that would help busy households check items off their lists.

Inspired by a book that reminded her how much she loved shop and home economics classes in middle school, Liz took a leap of faith and started Checklist Homes Services in 2011.