I was quoted in an Inc magazine article: "How to Quit Your Cushy Corporate Job to Start Your Own Business"


Excerpt from Inc article:


2. Recognize Your Opportunity

Before you quit your job, you must research the market to be sure that your business idea is realistic and the product or service you provide fulfills a real need.

"You should always candidly examine whether someone will actually pay for your offering," says Liz Picarazzi, ex-senior marketing manager at American Express and founder of Checklist Home Services. "You may like to cook, but that doesn't mean you should open a restaurant."

3. Gather Feedback, and Mobilize Your Network

Picarazzi says you should share your business idea with anyone who will listen and take feedback seriously. You're in love with your idea, so you may not be able to give it the space it needs to grow without other opinions.

Make sure you tell everyone you know that you're preparing for a major life change. That way, friends and colleagues can start thinking about who could use your product or service and how they can help you.

"Without any history, you may need to quickly earn the trust of your clients and consumers," says Gandler.

Having a network of people willing to advocate on your behalf makes that initial hump much less daunting."

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