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I've tracked my New Year's Resolutions for a few years now, after realizing that how are you ever going to know that you hit any goals if you don't write them down? So I publish them here at Tin Shingle.

This has helped for two reasons:

  • During the year, I feel on track. Like my decisions have purpose, and aren't random.
  • They really act as motivators. If it's been 2 years and I still haven't done it, then I need an intervention with myself.

From my previous years, I have seen progress. My Interior Renovation goal is in motion. Two years after declaring I wanted new paint on the walls, it is happening right now, in January 2019 (thanks, hubby! for painting!). My son swung on our bathroom door so much, that it fell off. So I bought a new modern one - a barn door. Upgrade! If I look back at my mini-resolutions, I have started contributing to my IRA. It auto-deposits from my checking account. Now that I've switched payroll systems to QuickBooks, an IRA withdrawal also comes out of my paycheck. Next step? 529s. I need some for my kids.

The thing is, if you don't declare these changes, then they may not happen at all. On January 2, 2019, I was making a medical appointment. I was super jazzed to be back at work, but the woman I was making an appointment with was sad. She said: "Where is the change? I don't feel it." She admitted that she had not declared any resolutions of any kind, for fear of failure.

I totally get this. That's why I declare to-do-list items, that serve in the direction of something bigger. Too big a picture is just too daunting. Mini steps work.


Get The Word Out For Tin Shingle.

I know. This is what we preach! But I am a cobbler and don't do it for myself. I need to hire someone into my team and relinquish this clear personal hurdle I have, and/or do the following:

  • Hashtags. Explore my own hashtags. I know we have our people, but I really need to find our people in a hashtag kind of way. Going down rabbit holes is hard for me because I grow impatient. But it's very important for finding the right people and the right lingo.
  • Magazines. Read more magazines. Today, I added Entrepreneur, Inc., and Bon Appétit  to my print subscriptions. It's easier for me to keep up with the media in their paper forms. It's literally taken me 1.5 years to subscribe from the time I declared it. WHY?

Instagram Videos

I'm shy with the videos. But they work. People want to see the people behind the brand. They want to connect. To laugh. I'm making a list of brands on Instagram that I love so that I can use them to get me out of ruts. Truth Bomb! @shitthatiknit and @lamereclothingandgoods often get me out of ruts.



Kids Homework Stations

My kids are growing. They need to do homework and to focus. I need to create clear, flat surfaces for them to spread out.

My son is sharing with his new baby brother now, so his space just got more limited. This is a mystery I need to solve.


My kids need a college fund.

Positive Self Talk

Continue speaking in Positive Self Talk to myself. I can tear myself up for not doing something, but I need to remember to remember what I did do - personal or professional. No self-inflicted damage.

Treat Yo Self

After a boutique owner in Beacon (Howling at the Edge of Chaos) announced she was closing her store after discovering ovarian cancer that has spread and she has been declared terminal, regret poured over me. Of course for her as a person. And then for her as her brand, her creation of her boutique that she was so proud of. Countless times I have walked by her store and not purchased jewelry she sells. That ends now. She is a huge advocate for small businesses and shopping local, so having this promise is in line with her wishes.

Credit Card Debt

I'm putting this out there because I benefit from reading other people's journeys. This also ends now. It means discipline and better planning and communication. I keep our budget on the Tin Shingle Income and Expenses Template, and it has been SO HELPFUL to track where things stand on a day by day basis.

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