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Sabina, my business partner here at Tin Shingle, came from a breakfast meeting with a reporter one morning, and told me that the reporter asked her what her resolutions were for the New Year.


I totally had not thought of New Year's Resolutions yet. I was too busy hanging holiday cards on my wall and vowing - again - to get my address list into an format that I could just upload it to Tinyprints so that I could easily send out cards. Yet another resolution that I had not done yet. I began to think of what this year's resolutions would be, and I grew tired at the thought. Must I...again think up a resolution? What were my resolutions from last year, and did I accomplish them? Golly, I thought, if I had accomplished last year's resolutions, then I'd be more excited to create new resolutions for this year.

And therein lies my new resolution for this year: A New Year's Time Capsule that contains my New Years Resolutions, that I can open next year to see how I did! This also means that I get to take a trip down stationery lane on Etsy to find an amazingly cute and creative box that I can store these resolutions in. If Etsy is too overwhelming, then I know of a few boutiques in my home town of Beacon, NY where I can shop. Yes...that's it! I'm treating myself to a stationery box from somewhere on Main Street.

So...once I find that box, I will report back with realistic resolutions.

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