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All #SmallBizDiary Entries by Katie Hellmuth
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Watching videos is really fun, but producing them can be a mystery. I've been challenging myself to make more videos - ok, any videos - and get that party started. Video marketing and communicating has been skyrocketing. Streaming is becoming the norm, so I'd better get msyelf out of this keyboard and in front of a Record button!

The best way I learn how to do anything is by doing it. So one day last week, I finally carved the time to make a 3 minute video. This was no editing, just staight me talking. I give advice to businesses a lot about SEO, but sometimes it's hard for me to translate it into normal-person speak, so that a normal person understands why it's important to them, and why they should care. We offer a lot of SEO opportunities here at Tin Shingle with our pro-membership, and I wanted to translate our latest opportunity - a collection of sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I'd been writing about it, and now i took it to video.

Here's the "behind the scenes" into what my "studio" looked like. I love seeing what people's actual video studios look like, because usually they are not glamorous and might be the corner of a bathroom or something! I took the advice from two of our small biz photography experts and made use of the natural light in my office. But, I have too much natural light for video. Good thing I was testing because as the sun moved, it whited out my picture! And I had to rummage around in my fabric collection for strips of raw silk to serve as black out curtains. It did the job, and the light seemed balanced.

Video setup behind the scenes

And here's the final product!