How to Take a Headshot at Home


Every small business owner needs a headshot. But what if you didn't have a headshot and were asked to send one to a writer for a story she was running that day? How to Take Professional Looking Photography with an iPhoneOr maybe your budget is tight, and you want to take your own headshot? The most convenient location is probably at your home. Unless you live with a photographer, or have an aspiring child photographer, you'll need to take your own headshot at home.

We asked lifestyle photographer Kimmie Washam for her advice on how to take a headshot at home. When you're done reading her advice, click over to read more techincal advice on how to take a headshot and videos from home, from a professional magazine photographer. And when you have your stellar photo, you'll need a stellar bio to send with your headshot! Listen to our podcast about How to Write a Professional Short Bio.

Always shoot in natural light and avoid a flash if at all possible. Kitchens or bedrooms usually work best for natural light.

Shoot against a white wall facing a window (avoid direct sunlight) and angle your body so that the shot isn't straight on.

If you don't have someone on hand to snap a few shots, use a tripod or try stacking a few books or magazines to get the camera level.

Editing is really important to obtain a professional looking at home shot. Even the littlest adjustments will make a world of a difference. If you don't have a connection to a photo editor, check out They do wonderful work! Edit turn around is about 24 hours and for under $10.00 per image.


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